What Type Of Freight Transportation Will Best Protect Your Goods?

Sellers who ship goods in bulk need a mode of transportation that can allow them to meet their goals of shipping cargo safely and on time. As the need for shipping systems that can accommodate large and bulk cargo becomes more and more vital to business, more and more options have become available.

The shipment varies depending on the goods being shipped out

When it is time to ship goods, cost and the mode of transport for the cargo will very much depend on the kind of cargo being sent out. They are simply made into categories to make sure that shipment is made easy and well organized and at the same time well protected. It can be said in terms such as:

  • Container
  • Liquid bulk
  • Dry bulk
  • Break bulk
  • Ro-Ro

With the different kinds of goods being sent out to different freight transportation, it is just as equally important to know the kinds of transport mode that can help protect the goods in case it is being sent out.


Among any other transportation mode, ships are considered more stable and time efficient with being it the best way to keep the goods safe. The large area and space a ship can provide earned it as the most versatile among transports. For one reason, the area allows cargo boxes for dry, break and containers to be efficiently placed and stacked on top of another while maintaining stability while in transit. The large airspace of most ships can hold liquid containers for most oil bulk cargos. Ships are also a good way to transport Ro-ro types of transport. They employ the most safety with goods to insure they arrive safely.

Air freight

While air can be the fastest, it can only accommodate shipments involving parcels and a few containers which do not hinder the plane’s ability to fly.

Land freight

The use of land freight transportation is also considered a time efficient method but may actually be affected by factors such as location, destination and the capacity of the cargo. While they can surely deliver cargo and special goods that needs careful handling, they can also be hindered by the need to cross seas, rivers and bodies of water. This is where water transport and freight cargo via ships comes to the rescue to help land transport for cargo go across bodies of water. As such, considering the location, if you want to make good sent out safely and quickly in the same region, land freight is a better option.