Pros And Cons of Shipping Air Freight

The world’s economic progress of the world relies, in great measure, on the movement of goods from different countries – in other words, the import and export of products between nations. The exchange of goods can occur through the several common, and different, shipment methods available today: land freight, sea freight, and air freight.

Today, we will look at the advantages and disadvantages of shipping the goods through air transport. We will see why people and businesses chooses this type of shipment method and why some do not want it.


In this section, we will show you the three major advantages of using an air freight service when shipping the goods across the globe. We will discuss why it became an advantage compared to other shipment methods.

Faster Shipment. Even if the destination is far, the products can be delivered on time because of the high-speed transportation of this shipment method. This is the reason why some businesses prefer to use this transportation system compared to others especially if they have perishable goods.

Worldwide Range. The air transportation of goods is not just faster but it also has a wider range of delivery. In fact, it can almost reach any countries in the world that has international airports which allows businesses to reach other parts of the world easily.

Consistent Delivery Time. With the technology that we have today, businesses can easily track their shipments and will be able to get a consistent estimate of delivery time. It is less likely for their shipments to be delayed because air transportation is always on time.


We will now discuss the three disadvantages of using an air transportation services when shipping your goods across the globe. Like before, we will discuss why it became a disadvantage compared to other shipment methods.

Expensive Shipment. This type of shipment method may be fast and reliable, but it also takes a lot of money to deliver your goods. The cost for an aircraft and its resources needed to fly is expensive that is why the shipment rates are quite expensive too.

Unpredictable Risks. The risks on transporting your goods with this shipment method is quite high because of the unpredictable weather, errors in the aircraft, or even bird strikes can cause a huge delay to your shipment.

Smaller Capacity. One of the major disadvantages of using an air shipment method is its capacity to load your products. An aircraft can only load up a fixed amount of baggage to its cargo bay and it cannot exceed that number. When it does, the aircraft will not be able to operate efficiently and effectively.