MS Research Universities

Mississippi is home to four major public research universities: the University of Mississippi in Oxford, Mississippi State University in Starkville, the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, and Jackson State University in Jackson.

Each university plays a vital role in Mississippi's economic and workforce development. From providing cutting-edge research to training support in new industry skills, our universities are ready to work with your business to help it grow to the next level.

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The University of Mississippi

The University of Mississippi (UM) is the state's oldest university and is a major research and teaching university based in Oxford. Home to an array of academic centers and programs, including the state's only academic medical center in Jackson, the university plays a crucial role in Mississippi's past, present and future economic development.

A selection of centers and programs offered by the university can be found below.

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Center for Manufacturing Excellence

  • Offers manufacturing training to undergraduate students, which is unique in the nation
  • Offers cross-disciplinary programs (from the School of Engineering, the School of Business Administration and the School of Accountancy) slanted toward fundamental lean manufacturing and production techniques, as well as management, human resources and accounting
  • Supports faculty development at the local community college level
  • Hosts a guest CEO, president, vice president or industry expert for a semester or year through its unique Executive-in-Residence Program
  • Works with the UM International Studies Department to provide students opportunities to study manufacturing techniques in Japan and other countries
  • Partners with K-12 schools to inform students about opportunities in manufacturing, while developing a comprehensive program to improve math and science education in Mississippi
  • Offers a certification for lean manufacturing through courses like supply chain flow, lean accounting and other kaizen activities
  • Partners with the UM Insight Park to better align resources and enhance the university's research and start-up company development efforts.

Mississippi Small Business Development Center

  • Provides direct assistance to small businesses in finance, improved management and processes to increase the chances for success
  • Offers seminars on topics including the startup process and common problems faced by existing businesses

Mississippi State University

Located in Starkville, Mississippi State University (MSU) is committed to increasing the state's competitiveness in the global economy. To promote collaboration between businesses and the university, it has created the Economic Development Assistance Network (EDAN).

EDAN should be the point of contact for businesses looking to partner with the university. EDAN can help connect you with the appropriate center or institute while also providing easy-to-understand descriptions of the university's research and outreach capabilities.

EDAN is organized into four categories that include specialized centers and institutes.

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Browse a selection of centers from each category by clicking below. If you're interested in learning more, contact Dr. Melvin Ray, Associate Vice President for Economic Development, at 662.325.3570 or

Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems

CAVS Extension

Small Business Development Center

The University of Southern Mississippi

A major research and teaching university located in Hattiesburg, the University of Southern Mississippi (USM) has long been committed to the long-term growth and prosperity of Mississippi. This commitment shows in the centers and departments that call USM home: (click on each for a brief description & link to actual websites)

Department of Economic & Workforce Development (DEWD)

  • Engaged in teaching, research and community outreach related to workforce development
  • Research includes labor force analyses, community assessments, cluster analyses and return on investment analyses
  • DEWD faculty develop strategic plans for communities throughout the state
  • Learn more about DEWD here.

The Polymer Institute

  • Develops advanced material technology for companies and manufacturers.
  • Provides training for high school students and industries throughout the country.
  • Learn more about The Polymer Institute here

The Accelerator

  • A business incubator providing 60,000 square feet of space, cutting edge technology and consultations for start-ups.
  • Offers the infrastructure and capability to develop new advanced material technology.
  • Learn more about The Accelerator here

Jackson State University

Researching for Global Solutions

  • National Center for Biodefense Communications
  • Center for Environmental Health
  • Trent Lott Geospatial and Visualization Research Center
  • Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
  • Jackson Heart Study Coordinating Center
  • Mississippi Urban Research Center
  • Center for Minority Health Disparities
  • Center for Adult and Continuing Education
  • Interdisciplinary Center for Nanotoxicity
  • Mississippi Center for Technology Transfer
  • Institute for Epidemiology and Health Services Research
  • Mississippi Learning Institute
  • Northrop Grumman Center for High Performance Computing Ship Systems Engineering
  • National Center for Defense Integrated Data
  • Southern Institute for Mental Health Advocacy, Research and Training
  • Data Technology Coordinating Center
  • Center for Business Development and Economic Research