Internal Security

In 1982, the United States Department of Labor (USDOL) initiated a priority nationwide program designed to prevent and detect internal abuse, waste and fraud committed by employees in all USDOL funded employment and training programs. All State Employment Security Agencies were required to participate in this program. The primary responsibility for implementing and conducting this program at the Mississippi Department of Employment Security is assigned to the Internal Security staff in the Office of Customer Operations Support.

The Mississippi Department of Employment Security (MDES) is subject to risks from various factors including fraud, waste, internal abuse, etc. The Unemployment Insurance (UI) program is especially vulnerable to these types of risks due to the potential for loss associated with the payment of benefits and collection of taxes. The rapid rate of change in electronic technology, including applications of technology to all MDES programs, has brought about additional risks. These risks make it imperative for all MDES employees to have a clear understanding of the agency’s existing security related procedures and confidentiality policies as well as a basic understanding of computer security precautions.

The role of the Internal Security staff is to protect MDES’ UI resources, improve the overall efficiency and security of all UI operations and prevent and detect fraud, waste and abuse. It shall conduct inquiries and investigations and make recommendations to management relating to UI internal operations.

The Internal Security staff is authorized by the Executive Director to have access to all agency resources (property, records, and personnel) relevant to the objectives of their assignment and responsibilities. Carrying out these duties and responsibilities, as a fact-finding unit, will entail a close working relationship with all levels of management. All employees shall cooperate in the conduct of review, audits, or investigations and shall provide information and assistance as requested.

Wytasha Jackson
Internal Security Coordinator
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