Local Workforce Areas & WIN Job Centers

Four Local Workforce Areas have been designated to assist the state in coordinating federally funded training activities with employer needs and economic development strategies. In partnership with WIN Job Centers that are located strategically throughout the state, Local Workforce Areas develop and implement strategies to ensure a quality workforce. WIN Job Centers facilitate the connection between employers and a skilled workforce. Effective training programs are available to help businesses obtain a proficient workforce and ensure  workers have the skills to meet any employer’s needs.

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  • On-the-Job Training helps businesses find workers by reimbursing a portion of expenses incurred during the initial training process. Business may be reimbursed up to one-half the cost of training eligible workers through On-the-Job Training. Reimbursement is based on the trainee’s wage at hire date. On-the-Job Training is funded  through the Local Workforce Investment Areas. Businesses may be reimbursed for up to six months. The length of training usually ranges from 160 hours to 1,040 hours per employee. 
  • Provide customized training which assists companies with the costs of skills upgrading for current employees.

Refer businesses to other training programs  such as preemployment programs. 
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