Metal Fabrication & Steel

In 2005, the largest industrial project announced in the United States was in Lowndes County, Mississippi. Severstal, a steel company, invested $1.23 billion into constructing a 1.2 million-square-foot facility to produce automotive-grade steel. The move reflected the company’s desire to be in the heart of the Southern Automotive Corridor, as well as a host of other factors that make Mississippi an attractive, pro-business home.

Before Severstal, there were already almost 300 other steel and metal fabrication facilities in the state. This group included companies like Nucor Steel, Skyline, Rollform and Ferrous South.

In 2010, Schulz GMBH, a global supplier of stainless steel and alloy steel seamless pipe products, announced it would locate its first North American production facility in Tunica County. It will craft advanced metallurgical bonded seamless clad pipes for the oil and gas industries.

Mississippi has identified five “mega-sites” that could be used for large manufacturing facilities. These “mega-sites,” along with others located on the state’s waterway system, not only contain ample area for a large manufacturing facility, but also have well-defined infrastructure and development plans with transportation access.

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