Advanced Materials

As the volume of composite manufacturing increases, the demand for advanced materials grows with it.

Mississippi is home to several major composite manufacturers, including GE Aviation, Alliant Techsystems and Aurora Flight Sciences. These companies make a variety of technologically advanced aviation and flight-related products. As a result of this, there is a growing need for advanced materials like plastics, polymers and chemicals in Mississippi. Companies producing these materials – BASF, DuPont and SABIC Innovative Plastics – have operations in Mississippi, along with over 100 chemical-related companies.

To help support this industry, Mississippi universities have dedicated significant resources and research to the field. At the University of Southern Mississippi, the Mississippi Polymer Institute (MPI) is one of the nation’s premier programs in polymer science. It is home to one of the most advanced rapid prototyping systems in the world, and university researchers have partnered with companies like GE Aviation for research and development support. Hybrid Plastics, one of the nation’s leading nanotechnology companies, moved its headquarters from California to Hattiesburg to take advantage of MPI’s premier resources.

In addition to MPI, Mississippi also boasts programs in pultrusion technology at the University of Mississippi in Oxford, as well as advanced vehicular systems and flight research at Mississippi State University in Starkville.

Mississippi’s research is helping the advanced materials industry grow. Mississippi produces thermoset resin production, plastic parts for the automotive industry, wood polymer laminates, and other advanced materials. With homegrown companies like Ablitech developing cutting-edge technology using polymer science in the medical industry, Mississippi is becoming an unquestioned industry leader.

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