OJT & Community College Successes

Aurora Flight Sciences Corp.

Located in Columbus, MS, Aurora Flight Sciences Corp. manufactures unmanned aircraft. In a highly technical industry like aviation technology, Aurora needs employees to fill its high-skill jobs. Thanks to on-the-job training (OJT), the company has been able to expand its business in Mississippi while helping its employees master the newest skills.

OJT helps Aurora train new and existing employees in multiple specialized processes. As a result, the company’s workforce stays competent in multiple areas, easing cross scheduling while encouraging a retention rate of more than 90 percent.

Aurora also consistently earns industry-recognized credentials for training its employees in the latest industry standards and processes. This joint commitment by Mississippi and Aurora to remain on the cutting edge allows both to attract new business and continue to grow.

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Double Quick Inc.

Double Quick Inc. is a regional chain of 44 convenience stores headquartered in Indianola in the heart of the Mississippi Delta. With more than 800 employees using OJT, Double Quick offsets significant training costs through the program.

Double Quick hires many entry-level employees and has increased its employee retention rate by 10 percent. In fact, new hires receive 32 training hours before they ever begin working at cash registers. This dedication to its employees and their training has helped Double Quick become certified by the National Association of Convenience Stores and Serv Safe.

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Multicraft International

Based in Pelahatchie, MS, Multicraft International is an advanced manufacturer that – prior to the recent economic recession – operated out of 10 locations. At the height of the recession, Multicraft had to trim its workforce operations into one location.

Multicraft was able to maintain operations through efficient management and eventually won a new automotive contract. With its business recovering, Multicraft needed new employees, but did not have the time or resources to hire or train them. Needing help, Multicraft participated in Mississippi Subsidized Transitional Employment Program Services (STEPS), a wage-subsidy and On-the-Job Training program designed to help companies add workers.

Through STEPS and OJT programs offered by the Pearl WIN Job Center, Multicraft met its expansion needs. Since then, the company has tripled its workforce and now employs 110 workers.

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East Mississippi Community College and American Eurocopter 

Workforce training programs offered by East Mississippi Community College have been key to the success of American Eurocopter in Mississippi. The College’s training role has been critical in helping prepare the company’s workers for the high-tech helicopter assembly and helicopter component manufacturing work they do in Columbus. 

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