Tax Incentives & Finance Programs

MDA offers incentives to businesses looking to expand. Learn more about these incentives and other grant and loan programs offered.

Advantage Jobs Incentive Program
A rebate program that encourages businesses creating new, high-quality jobs to locate in Mississippi. Eligible businesses offer jobs whose wages meet or exceed Mississippi’s (or the county’s) average annual wage. Read more about applying for this incentive.

Jobs Tax Credit

A credit to reduce a business’s income tax liability. These credits are for businesses that create and sustain new jobs in Mississippi. Read more about these tax credits.

Mississippi Skills Tax Credit

A tax credit for businesses that offers training to their Mississippi employees. The training must enhance skills related to the employee’s job. The local community/junior college and State Tax Commission must approve the training, but it does not have to be held on the local campus.

The tax credit equals half the expenses incurred in training, but it cannot exceed $2,500 annually per Mississippi employee.

The tax credit may be used for training expenses including:

  • Instructors
  • Instructional materials and equipment
  • Construction/maintenance of facilities used for training

Skills tax credits can help reduce an employer’s income tax liability and are available only to certain industries that offer training to their employees in Mississippi. Current industries include:

  • Air and Transportation Maintenance        
  • Computer Software Development             
  • Data Information Processing                    
  • Distribution                                             
  • Manufacturing                                         
  • Movie Industry Studios                             
  • Processing
  • Recreation (impacting tourism)                                                
  • Research and Development
  • Resort Hotels (min. 150 rooms)
  • Technology Intensive Facilities
  • Telecommunications
  • Warehousing
  • Wholesale

Workforce Enhancement Training Fund

While the Workforce Enhancement Training (WET) Fund helps businesses design and implement training that meets their specific needs, the fund also provides financial help to employers through two programs: 

  • Train-the-Trainer Training: Reimburses companies for limited travel costs associated with training employees in a specialty not offered by a local community college, provided that employee then trains others at the company in that specialty area.
  • Customized Industry-Based Training: Assists companies in securing a training provider when a college does not provide the training.

Workforce Investment Network in Mississippi
Workforce Investment Network (WIN) in Mississippi has over 60 WIN Job Centers throughout the state. Each center serves as a one-stop resource for businesses looking to hire or train workers. WIN Job Centers recruit and refer applicants to businesses, host job fairs and develop company job descriptions. They also provide businesses direct financial support by: 

  • Screening and certifying companies for federal Work Opportunity Tax Credits
  • Reimbursing businesses for on-the-job training conducted for new hires

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Mississippi Workforce Training Funds
Separate from WET funds, MDA may provide Mississippi Workforce Training Funds for instruction through state institutions of higher learning, community and junior colleges, and WIN job centers. They fund training needs not provided through other resources.

WIN Job Centers Work With Businesses

Businesses operating in Mississippi – or considering a move to the state – will find the WIN in Mississippi system and the WIN Job Centers are eager to assist with searching for qualified employees; researching state, local and federal regulations; exploring the state’s economic development services; and more.

In support of Mississippi businesses, WIN Job Centers provide a vast array of services, including providing E-Verify, hosting job fairs, posting jobs, screening potential workers, providing meaningful data about Mississippi’s labor market and providing training services – all at no cost to businesses and workers. The WIN in Mississippi system works to gather and produce meaningful information that identifies business needs and employee skill levels. The WIN Job Centers provide information on a variety of services and referrals to training opportunities to help businesses meet human resources, recruiting, screening and training needs.

Recruitment and Screening:

  • Recruit, screen and refer a variety of job seekers, ranging from entry-level workers to skilled professionals
  • Recruit full-time, part-time and seasonal workers
  • Post job openings
  • Host job fairs
  • Partner with businesses to clarify job descriptions and eligibility criteria
  • Screen applicants to ensure that the right workers with the right skills are interviewed
  • Provide access to federal funding for programs

Workforce Investment Network Global Services
Employers can utilize the Workforce Investment Network Global Services (WINGS) system by simply creating a company profile and then posting job openings. As participants are referred to jobs, the employer is able to filter and search the candidates’ skill sets and résumés. WINGS can then be used to schedule interviews for the selected candidates.

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