"Mississippi's world-class manufacturing workforce has helped accelerate our build-out and strengthen the position of
U.S. manufacturing in the global solar industry."

– Chet Farris, CEO, Stion

"We truly appreciate the successful collaboration we have experienced to ensure we have the professional workforce and resources needed to open this world-class mission support operation here."

– Linda Gooden, EVP, Lockheed Martin

"On my visits to Northern Mississippi, what I observed were people who are educated, ethical and friendly with a strong work ethic – a perfect match for the Toyota Way."

– Ray Tanguay, EVP, Toyota Manufacturing

"Grenada County's business climate and qualified workforce help our business create added value that has accelerated our growth and is the reason we are able to create 50 new jobs in the community."

– Gary Houston, GM, Grenada Stamping and Assembly
Mississippi Works: Caterpillar, CorinthMississippi Works: The Accelerator, University of Southern MississippiMississippi Works: Nucor Steel, FlowoodMississippi Works: Nissan, Canton